The Quest Connection

The Quest Connection is a professional services company created by Siobhan Murphy, a Master Certified Coach. We create vibrant workplaces by growing the leaders and teams that run them through Leadership Training, Executive Coaching, Custom Retreats, Workshops, and Speaking. Founded in 1996, it is based on Long Island, New York and headed by Siobhan Murphy.


With Siobhan’s coaching, I moved my practice forward.
The key was exploring personal obstacles below the surface problems.
Once identified, we addressed these with actions that were key to both my personal development and the development of my practice.
With her support, I began basing business decisions on facts rather than stories I was telling myself.

Thanks to Siobhan, I realized how important deadlines are to my success, and
now I’m fully aware of the value I bring to others through workshops and teaching.
This personal growth is translating into business growth.

I’m glad to add my voice to those who sing her praise in helping them toward personal and professional growth and
recommend her to any who are looking to increase their personal and professional impact.
John Little, Executive Coach

Mentor Coaching
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