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What is Coaching?

Coaching is thinking partnership that helps you take a quantum leap by focusing on your true priorities, setting goals that reflect who you are, and focusing on solutions. Your current reality is based on the assumptions you’ve made about yourself and life. I help interrupt that pattern of thought and examine your beliefs to make sure they are helping you convert goals into accomplishments.
Coaching is about being a more conscious, more developed more available person. The coach gives you the tools, language, awareness, skill, and a deeper connection to your own intuitive wisdom so that you can accomplish what you most want. The process of Coaching accelerates your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.

The Quest Connection supports leaders through Executive Coaching.

This is done by getting the Leaders’ head and heart working together as they were designed. The Leader learns the art of asking questions that tap into the power of their intuitive mind and the minds of their teams. We focus on strengths and capitalize on the talents inherent in the leader and tap into their talent and brilliance.
This interaction allows the Leader to go more deeply into their own experience and to tap into their own strengths and experiences. The experience of being coached and the modeling done by the coach allow the leader to translate that experience into something they can replicate in leading their own teams.
Leaders also enjoy the safe, confidential sounding board provided by the coach.
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I used Siobhán as a coach to procure a new position. She gave me some great insights including shifting my focus to making the hiring manager’s job easier instead of what I might get out of the job. I’ve also set up an inner circle to support my career. I continue to network with a diverse group of people and appreciate being encouraged to be more well-rounded. I highly recommend Siobhán to advance your own career. Keith Johnson, Sales Executive

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