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The Quest Connection represents a new paradigm in hiring by assisting you in determining a good fit for your organization before you hire.

Have you or anyone in your organization ever hired a candidate who looked great on paper and interviewed like a star, only to let them go a few months later?

The information in the resume is the weakest predictor of how well an individual will work out. It’s almost always the starting point in the conversation, and yet nearly 90% of the time when people fail, it has nothing to do with education, skills and work history.

The far stronger predictor of how someone will work out is whether they will fit, here.


TalentSorter helps you see the real person behind the resume… and scores every candidate for you based on their likely fit in the job.

Better yet, the system generates an Interview Guide unique to each candidate, that tells your managers exactly what questions to ask.

It’s like truth serum.

Get beneath the ‘interview mask’ to what matters most, quickly.

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Why not try TalentSorter yourself, totally risk-free?  Contact Siobhan to ask questions.


It has been a distinct pleasure collaborating with Siobhan Murphy in redefining my career path.

Siobhan thoroughly listens to her clients and retains essential information which she utilizes in providing constructive guidance.  When suitable, she recommends replacing ineffective actions with alternatives based on a combination of marketable measures and inner passions.  Siobhan challenges her clients to pursue career choices that not only satisfy their financial needs but are also spiritually fulfilling.  I highly recommend her services to anyone who is striving to be fully engaged in a satisfying profession.  Greg Girgenti

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