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How to Harvest the Wisdom of the Group During Dynamic Custom Designed Retreats and Meeting Facilitations

We all know that the term “retreat” is a misnomer.

Even though they are referred to as retreats, in actuality when done correctly these events are seen as significant forward motions in the workplace.  They are very much strategic in nature, or that’s what they’re intended to be.

Unfortunately the best intentions often get misplaced and retreats end up being missed opportunities, and all too often it becomes simply a “data dump” with little connection or interaction with the attendees.

That’s why organizations look to The Quest Connection to facilitate their retreats and meetings.

When you conduct a retreat or meeting for your group, you have a specific set of outcomes that you would like to see take place.

This is what we’ll focus on first.

We will meet with the retreat leader to go over the desired outcomes.  We then outline a realistic agenda to reach these outcomes.

The best part of using a meeting facilitator is that the leader becomes the observer in the meeting, leaving the job of facilitating to the professional facilitator, whose responsibility it is to keep the meeting on track, focused on the agenda and the outcomes.

Results are seen quickly, and they include better behavior in the meetings, a more prompt return from breaks, and a consistently engaged audience.

We can also provide a comprehensive report after the meeting creating a record of the learning that serves as a springboard for follow up activities.

Our schedule is filling up quickly so to have the best dates available for your meeting or retreat just click here to contact us.


"This was a very productive session. You made us focus on our goals, structure our thoughts and work as a group. We learned about each other."
CFO, Small Business

Corporate Retreat
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