Sometimes we need a little inspiration to keep ourselves positive and uplifted.

Here are a few videos that help me focus on what is working and who I want to be.
I’ve listed how long they each take so you know how much of a break it will be.

Most of these videos come from the following sites:

If you have inspiration that you’d like to share, please email me here.

Where the Hell is Matt 2012. (4:53 minutes)
Look at the 2012 version. If it doesn’t bring a smile to your face and get your foot tapping, watch it again!

Here’s an Upworthy one I like…

A Pep Talk from Kid President (3:27 minutes)

Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often (3:31 minutes)

Kid President – How To Change The World (a work in progress) (3:43 minutes)

10 Best Kid President Moments! (5:10 minutes)

What’s Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals? (2:46 minutes)

Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSF (9:56 min)



It has been a distinct pleasure collaborating with Siobhan Murphy in redefining my career path.

Siobhan thoroughly listens to her clients and retains essential information which she utilizes in providing constructive guidance.  When suitable, she recommends replacing ineffective actions with alternatives based on a combination of marketable measures and inner passions.  Siobhan challenges her clients to pursue career choices that not only satisfy their financial needs but are also spiritually fulfilling.  I highly recommend her services to anyone who is striving to be fully engaged in a satisfying profession.  Greg Girgenti

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